When Was Stonehenge Built?


In his 2012 book 'Stonehenge', Mike Parker Pearson, Professor of Archaeology at Sheffield University, outlines a new sequence for the history of Stonehenge:

View of the Stonehenge monument.

Above: View of the Stonehenge monument.

Stage 1 - 3000-2920 BC: the earth bank and ditch are built, and the 56 'Aubrey Holes' dug.

Stage 2 - 2620-2480 BC: the sarsen stones are erected.

Stage 3 - 2480-2280 BC: the Q and R holes appear, the Avenue is built, and the bluestones are rearranged.

Stage 4 - 2280-2020 BC: the bluestones are rearranged into an oval shape, and then still later into a circle.

Stage 5 - 1680-1520 BC: the Y and Z holes appear, and carvings appear on the stones.

Did You Know?

In 1720 the Astronomer Royal Edmond Halley (he of Halley's Comet fame), used magnetic deviation along with the positioning of the rising sun to incorrectly estimate the age of Stonehenge as 460 BC.

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